Scenes from a Workshop Workshop

Well, really just a scene from today’s Writing Workshop, but I wanted to do a take-off of the Billy Joel Song. 😉

Anyway, I taught a great minilesson today on character development in Writing Workshop that I got from Georgia Heard’s book The Revision Toolbox, which I turn to nearly every time my students have to revise. Today’s lesson was meant to get the kids to think more deeply about their characters so that they could infuse what they wrote (in the boxes) directly into their short fiction stories.

After the kids did the pictured exercise, I asked them how many of the boxes they thought they’d be able to put into their story. Most said between 1 – 3, but a couple of kids said they’d be able to use all 4 boxes. 🙂

Revising: Character Developement

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However, the best part of the Workshop came when I noticed a student doing story surgery. She was cutting apart this paper and was taping the boxes into the most recent draft of her story, which I read over the weekend (It’s quite good!) so that she could infuse what she did during the extended Active Engagement into her story. Yea! (This is what you hope to see daily, right!??!)