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My SOLS go in here!

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I decided to purchase an inexpensive presentation booklet from Staples for the purpose of housing my Slice of Life Stories since I’m writing them electronically, rather than in my writer’s notebook. However, how does one preserve their students’ Slice of Life Stories?

Well, my colleague Kate came up with an idea that she shared with me today. She suggested having all of the students in our grade select their best SOLS to put into a fourth grade booklet. Being the crafty person I am (or aspire to be), I suggested turning it up a notch to include each student’s photograph on his/her page (possibly done with Smilebox). She liked the idea and so did my students when I mentioned it to them.

2 thoughts on “Preservation

  1. Oh, I love this idea!!!! I may just steal it and publish a few of my students’ SOLC stories to put together for conferences.


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