Writing Space

Over the mid-winter recess I asked my students to sketch out their at-home writing space. Further, if they didn’t have an at-home writing space, I asked them to create one. They came back from vacation with sketches of what they created, which was fascinating. However, the most fascinating was one of the boys in my class who forgot to sketch it out, but boasted to me about the space he created. I was so taken by what he said, that I decided to share some of what he told me with you.

  • He created a cardboard study carrel for use at his kitchen table to block out his siblings.
  • This student posted his favorite poems on the inside of his study carrel, leaving the outside of it bare, so that he didn’t distract his siblings.
  • He wrote out some of his families prayers and put them on the inside. One that he shared with me, since he writes at his kitchen table, is “Thank you Gd for the food. Thank you Gd for the dirty dishes.”
  • This young writer said he’s thinking about hanging some of his own writing inside of his study carrel.
  • Finally, this student posted a list of things he can write about on the inside of his study carrel in case he gets writer’s block.
  • Honestly, I didn’t need a sketch after he told me all of this. Can’t you totally envision what he created just through his words?!!?

    This assignment was inspired by Session 12 of Calkins and Cruz’s Book on Writing Fiction.