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Checking-in with My ONE LITTLE WORD!

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Last week one of my nine-year old students asked me, “So, Ms. S… How’s it going with the balance?”

“What?” I asked her perplexed.

“You know, your one little word,” she paused. “Bal-ance.” Then she moved her hands as if she were a balancing scale while she waited for my answer.

“It’s going okay,” I told her. “However, I think that next week I’ll have to look at things again and re-balance.”

I stopped at that since I was wondering why I was having this conversation with one of my students. I could hear my present literacy coach in the back of my head saying, “That’s what you get for sharing your one little word with them!”

Anyway, that being said, the conversation with my student, which I’m exceedingly grateful for, got me to re-think my One Little Word of 2008, which is balance. I decided to reassess and place little reminders, like this one, in spots where I could constantly be reminded of the balance I need to seek between my personal and professional lives (since I spend a lot of time with professional endeavors).

With the word balance in mind, I’m off to work out!

3 thoughts on “Checking-in with My ONE LITTLE WORD!

  1. I know there is a good lesson plan here somewhere that would be good to use in January when we are thinking about goals.

    I’m going try to write one. You may want to watch for it on my blog.

    I’d be interested in your take on it. I have used many of your ideas in my classroom and look forward to many more insightful ideas from you in 2009.

    Mrs. Prudent Classroom


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