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I received the ASCD SmartBrief today and followed the link to read this article in The New York Times. After learning about the ways in which French 5th graders are going to be asked to “identify” with Jewish children who were killed during the Second World War, I immediately sent an email to one of my former T.C. Professors, Stephanie Jones. (Stephanie taught me about critical literacy and the movement to teach kids to make meaning out of a text by honoring our disconnections. Therefore, I knew she’d need to see this.)

Stephanie emailed me back within a couple of hours informing me that she already blogged about this article, and other Holocaust-related issues, over at her blog, Engaged Intellectuals. Her post captures exactly what I was thinking about, but more eloquently. Therefore, click over to her blog to read her thoughts about teaching tolerance.

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  1. Thanks Stacey! I love it when I see your readers are visiting my blog…
    There certainly are many perspectives to consider about the use of Holocaust education as a stand in for learning about “diversity” or “tolerance.” I hope someone in France is engaging lots of teachers in critical literacy practices before this mandate by the President is implemented.

    Happy blogging…


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