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Teaching Fiction in a Pin-Drop, Silent Room

WN Entry – Fiction pg. 1

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Today’s Writing Workshop Teaching Point came right out of Calkins and Cruz’s Short Fiction Book – Session 1. While I used the skeleton of their lesson, my demonstration was all my own.

During the active engagement, I reread an old entry from August 2006 to my students and asked them for ways I could take that entry and turn it into a new (fiction) entry. They came up with a bunch of ideas. I took one of their ideas, tweaked it slightly, but ran with it. This is the first page of what I created when I free-wrote during independent writing time while they were writing today.

When another teacher came into my room to pull-out three of my students she couldn’t believe how quietly and diligently each student was working; she almost didn’t want to pull her three. In fact, it was so quiet, that I didn’t hold traditional conferences today. I “dropped teaching points” and “dropped compliments” down to students on post-its as I read over their shoulders as they wrote.

Today’s Workshop was one of those workshops where you’re so thankful you’re a teacher since the kids were not only productive, but didn’t want to stop what they were doing at the end of the period!

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  1. Wow, Stacey — what a great workshop, I’m glad you shared. I love your idea of “dropping” teaching points & compliments via sticky notes. Great idea! 🙂


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