STEPS: One Little Word


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I’m took the first OLW Challenge of the New Year this evening. I know I’m not submitting this for the OLW Contest since the “Steps” Contest ended a two weeks ago. However, I thought it would be neat to do a whole year’s worth of these OLW Challenges (and to save them all in one scrapbook).

But, there’s a bigger reason I’m BLOGGING about the OLW Challenge. I think I’m going to try to introduce this as a strategy to my students for their writer’s notebooks in the weeks to come. (I need to accumulate a few more of these before I do so.) It could be a great blend of art and writing… the kind of blending that some of my students crave. (Many of my students already illustrate their entries, but this shorter kind of writing, that requires a tremendous amount of thought — presentation, what to write, layout — might be perfect for some reluctant writers.