Word Up Ruth!

Ruth liked the idea of keeping all of my OLWs in the same binder. Hence, I decided to go back to the 2007 OLW Word Up List and created pages that illustrate the following words:

  • my
  • delight
  • perfect
  • balance (This is my OLW for 2008.)
  • seek
  • I’m hoping to finish (over the course of the next couple of weeks), the 2007 List of words. Though mine aren’t nearly as fabulous as the ones online, I’m pretty pleased with the way I’ve captured the words listed above. (It’s like writing with pictures and few words… kind of like when we were small!)

    Note: The “balance” sheet isn’t actually in balance. Oh dear!

    Here’s “perfect:”

    I like the way the “s” and the “k” are behind the flourish. It makes you wonder if you need to “seek” them out.