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ruth’s wn entry: merry & bright.

So I’ve been noticing stuff in my everyday world and wondering what to develop for WNW.  It occurred to me on Monday night that I should write about the Christmas lights that have filled my home.  So I’ve been doing a lot of writing in the air in preparation for today’s entry.  I pushed my thinking by:  I’ve realized that the Christmas lights aren’t just a pretty decoration, but a way to get my heart ready for Christmas.  Christmas is more than lights and bows and trees —  it’s about the Savior of the World living in my heart.

Here’s a poem I wrote in response to all of this thinking . . .

Merry & Bright
Twinkling lights amidst evergreen,
      the scent tickles my nose.

Burning fire blazing bright,
      the heat flicks out to me.

Steaming mug filled with chocolatey-goodness,
     the sweetness lingers on my lips.

And me, cozy and snug
     enjoying the sights

Christmas fills my heart.

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