ruth’s wn entry: people.

Awhile back I made a list with a class called THINGS WE JUST WALK BY (or something to that effect).  One student listed people.  Although my list was titled INSIGNIFICANT STUFF, I went ahead and added people to my list too.  I found this interesting and now what to explore it a bit more.

People.  Unfortunately they fit on my list . . . in an odd sort of way.  So often we don’t notice people.  There’s the obvious times of not noticing:  shopping in WalMart; driving to work; my evening walk.  Times when I’m in a zone and don’t seem to notice human beings sharing my space.

 There’s a danger in not noticing people.  I’m not talking about a physical danger.  There’s danger in thinking people are insignificant.  They’re not.  And we can miss out on so much.

We miss out on —


This past year I’ve become intentional about seeing the layers under the masks people present to the world.  And I’ve been blessed beyond belief by the simple act of slowing down.