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playing with technology.

I started a wiki a few weeks ago and have been playing with this form of sharing .  When you go there, you will see it’s a work in progress.  I’m still in the midst of determining the purpose.  (Kind of like a lot of other stuff in my life, like my original blog.)

Today I added a Getting Started page.  It’s a place where I’m sharing stuff that I wish I had when I first started writing workshop.  (I also linked this in our New Teacher Page)  Feel free to check it out & let me know what else it needs to be useful. 

Thanks in advance — I appreciate your feedback.  🙂

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Unhurried. Finding the magic in the middle of living. Capturing a life of ridiculous grace + raw stories.

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  1. How would you put in the click on feature so parents could go and see different things? I would love to do one for my classroom but AM VERY CONFUSED!!!!


  2. I really enjoy your blog, ladies and appreciate all the professional sharing of thoughts and resources you do! Thanks! Ruth, I tried to download the 3 artifacts from your life homework from your wiki, but it won’t work. Others worked just fine. FYI


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