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WN Entry: Noticing People

As I walked through my day today, I noticed the small things that people do that we often overlook. For instance, during my layover at O’Hare, I noticed that one of the women who was assembling cheeseburgers was doing it with a smile on her face. There was such love put into each cheeseburger she assembled. For some reason, this made me happier to eat it. (Though I still thought about the calories!)

I also noticed the a woman on my flight to Louisville who couldn’t fluster the gate agent. She was a bit rude to him since she was obviously annoyed that our flight wasn’t taking off ontime. However, he continued to be polite to her, despite her nastiness. This made me realize that there are some people in this world who really can “be above it,” which is advice I give to my students all of the time (so that they don’t fall into the foolishness other people are trying to bring them down with).

Finally, the gentleman at the Louisville Baggage Claim saw me come in twice, the second time was after I was waiting 30 mintues for the bags to come out. I was totally polite and when I told him I had to get to a conference, he got up from his chair to check on the whereabouts of the flight’s bags. (I’m happy to report I got my bag three minutes later.)

There are so many people that are making this world run smoothly. Make sure that you take the time to notice everyone and say thank you.


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