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Writing with Writers

I found a great section of Scholastic’s Website entitled “Writing with Writers,” which is a place devoted to helping kids learn how to write better by taking a workshop with a published author.

The writing genres that can be explored on this site are:
* Biography Writing
* Descriptive Writing
* Folktale Writing
* Mystery Writing
* Myth Writing
* News Writing
* Poetry Writing
* Speech Writing
* Writing a Book Review

The following is a list of the writers who have participated in this online workshop format:
* Alma Flor Ada and Rafe Martin
* Karen Finney and Lou Giansante
* Virginia Hamilton
* Karla Kuskin
* Jean Marzollo
* Patricia and Fred McKissack
* Joan Lowery Nixon
* Rodman Philbrick
* Jack Prelutsky
* Scholastic News Editors
* Jane Yolen

What a high-powered list!

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