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Author Spotlight 2023 Roundup

Stacey Shubitz created an incredible Author Spotlight last week. Every post was full of insights and reflections from accomplished authors. Not only can readers learn about writing through these posts, but readers also have the opportunity to win a book by commenting on any of them.

In case you missed it, here’s a recap of the 2023 Author Spotlight:

The series began on Sunday with a post from Chana Stefel. Chana’s books have received many awards, and I can’t wait to read her most recent book, The Tower of Life. You will love this post, and you could also win a copy of the book!

Monday’s spotlight is on Darshana Khiani with a chance to win a copy of I’m an American, her latest picture book. This post is guaranteed to provide you with at least one strategy to use with writers in your classroom (and probably many, many more.)

Amy Ludwig VanDerwater is many people’s inspiration and go-to resource for poetry. Wednesday’s post features Amy and the chance to win a copy The Sound of Kindness, due out in June.

Many writers will relate to Crystal Hubbard’s post about identifying as one, but her story will take your breath away. You could win a copy of Marvelous Mabel, her newest book by leaving a comment.

Dana Kramaroff may be a familiar face to slicers since she has been a part of the TWT slicing community. Her debut novel, The Do More Club, is coming out at the end of August. Read about her inspiration and leave a comment on Thursday’s post in order to win a copy of it.

Holly Hatam has illustrated many children’s picture books. She explains her process in Friday’s post. Commenters have a chance to win A Good Deed Can Grow by Jennifer Chambliss Bertman and Holly Hatam

Carole Boston Weatherford completed the series on Saturday. For a chance to win a copy of her newest picture book, How Do You Spell Unfair, leave a comment on her post.

Again, much gratitude to Stacey for compiling this series, and additional gratitude to the authors and publishers for donating both time and books.

3 thoughts on “Author Spotlight 2023 Roundup

  1. I absolutely love the Author Spotlight created by Stacey Shubitz. The insights and reflections from accomplished authors provide valuable learning opportunities for readers. I particularly enjoyed Crystal Hubbard’s post about identifying as a writer, and Dana Kramaroff’s inspiration for her debut novel. The chance to win a book by leaving a comment on any of the posts is an added bonus. Overall, this is an incredible series that any aspiring writer should check out.


  2. All the books sound delightful and delicious. Just to think of the thoughts that went into each of them right from your heart..but my choice would be Marvelous Mabel by Crystal Hubbard. Thank You


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