Author Spotlight Series

A Sneek Peek at the 8th Annual #TWTBlog Author Spotlight Series

Starting on Sunday and for the next week, Two Writing Teachers will host published authors and illustrators who will share their perspectives on writing, their writing processes, and the path to publishing. Here is the schedule of who will be joining each day:

  • Sunday: Chana Stiefel will teach about connecting with the audience.
  • Monday: Darshana Khiani will explain why stories start with curiosity and how to help children find stories.
  • Tuesday: Amy Ludwig VanDerwater will talk about the benefits of having support from writing group friends and write about her experience with Death by her side.
  • Wednesday: Crystal Hubbard will talk about writing and branding.
  • Thursday: Dana Kramaroff will share her experience writing heavy content and the habits that help her keep going.
  • Friday: As a children’s book illustrator, Holly Hatam will discuss her journey through diversity, emotions, and nature.
  • Saturday: Carole Weatherford Boston will share the biography “How Do You Spell Unfair,” which tells the story of MacNolia Cox’s achievement of winning the National Spelling Bee in the face of racial discrimination.
Headshots of the seven authors participating in this year's Author Spotlight Series
FROM LEFT TO RIGHT 1st Column: Amy Ludwig VanDerwater (top), Cheryl Hubbard; 2nd Column: Darshana Khiani; 3rd Column: Carole Weatherford Boston (top), Dana Kramaroff (bottom); 4th Column: Chana Stiefel; 5th Column: Holly Hatam

What’s Next:

  • Each Author Spotlight post will offer a giveaway of the author’s latest book. To enter the giveaway, leave a comment on each author’s post.
  • Two Writing Teachers is hosting the Author Spotlight Series for the eighth year. I encourage you to check out the posts, discover new authors and illustrators, and share their work with your students for inspiration.

Go Deeper:

You can read Kathleen Neagle Sokolowski’s post about how she has used past Author Spotlight Series posts with her students by clicking here for more inspiration.