MLK Day: A Reflection

Today, in the United States, we commemorate Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day.

Today, kids in the U.S. might eat breakfast in pajamas. Their parents might shop a sale. Many will see (and welcome!) a day off of school or work. Some will use today as a day of service.

It’s easy to let a day like today slide by without taking stock, without offering the full measure of what a day like today deserves.

So let us consider today. Let us consider the man, misunderstood and mistrusted in his own time by those in power. Let us consider his legacy, his martyrdom, his unfinished work. Let us consider our own unfinished work.

Let us remember: 

The quest for justice starts within each of us, with the awareness that we all deserve power and freedom and agency.

The quest for justice means instilling each and every one of the students in our care with power and freedom and agency.

The quest for justice means teaching the next generation that words – THEIR words – hold power. That their words matter. That THEY matter.

We are educators. 

Let it be our life’s work to nurture the humanity in our children. Let it be our mission to assure that every one of our students has the ability to live in their truest expression of self.


Every day.


6 thoughts on “MLK Day: A Reflection

    1. Thank YOU! And I’m hoping that the next generation sees that they have limitless potential within themselves, that everyone around them also carries the same capacity for life and love.

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  1. Honoring Dr. King means remembering that there is more to do, and we must keep going. But we should also remember to rest, and to accept help and support from others. We’re more effective as a community.

    Thank you for sharing!

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    1. Always, ALWAYS more to do. And there is love and strength within the community, as long as we continue to reach out and honor one another’s experiences and wisdom and perspective. =))


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