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Welcome to Writing Workshop

welcome-998360_640In early September, I mentioned (in my maternity leave blog post) I would be collaborating on a book with Lynne Dorfman once 2017 began. Lynne also tweeted about it:

We’ve been working on WELCOME TO WRITING WORKSHOP, which will be a text for teachers new to teaching writing workshop, since January. Recently, we wrote a chapter about classroom environment. While writing that chapter, we realized we wanted to showcase exemplary physical spaces too. Therefore, I am hoping you (or one of your colleagues) would be willing to send us a picture of one or more of the following things:

    • The arrangement of furniture in your meeting area
    • Writing center
    • Classroom supply storage
    • Displays (including, but not limited to, anchor charts)
    • Workstations [e.g., teacher’s desk, or lack thereof; conference areas (peer and teacher)]
    • Bulletin boards
      • where you display in progress and finished writing
      • for highlighting authors and/or craft moves
Please note: We are looking for pictures of physical environments that do not include children. (We are set for photos of children engaged in writing workshop.)
If you are willing to contribute high-resolution digital images for possible inclusion in WELCOME TO WRITING WORKSHOP, then please fill out this form below. From there, Lynne or I will get in touch with you.
Thank you!
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