Slice of Life Story Challenge

It’s Tuesday! Write. Share. Give.

Welcome to Slice of Life Story Challenge Tuesday! I wanted to share Amy Krouse Rosenthal’s quote with you today for a couple of reasons. One reason is writing our slice of life posts is a way we can pay attention to our lives and notice what topics and issues keep coming up for us. It’s a way to “pay attention to what you pay attention to.”  The other reason is because this week, on April 29th, many people are honoring Amy Krouse Rosenthal on what would have been her birthday by engaging in random acts of kindness. Amy passed away in March after a battle with cancer, but her life and her writing inspire so many of us to keep alive her message of spreading loveliness and kindness. I am planning to have my class write letters to children in hospitals and mail them on Amy’s birthday. There is a Facebook group called MoreforAKR and you can see other beautiful ideas that people have planned for this day.

How will your writing beckon more loveliness into our world?

90 thoughts on “It’s Tuesday! Write. Share. Give.

    1. I liked the lesson gone awry slice. It looked like a good lesson to me. Actually, I’ve gotten worse reviews speaking in public than at school, probably because I got longer-winded, controversial, and not WASP enough!


    1. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this, Erika! Food has a way of bubbling up memories! I hope to use this one as an inspiration for Monday writing in a second grade classroom or, selfishly, my own writing!!


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