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Welcome to Day 25 of the Classroom SOLSC!

Yesterday, we introduced a collaborative Google Slide project for our last week of the challenge! We hope your class will share your celebrations and reflections on blogging for a month. Please click here for more information and to access the presentation. 

How are you keeping the enthusiasm going for blogging as we enter this last week of the challenge? One thing I did last week was unveil the blogging prizes students can win at the end of the challenge.

My students have been earning various badges for blogging. Students with 7 badges will be eligible for prizes. Students who have earned 5 badges will receive a certificate for participation. All of this was explained to the students at the start of the challenge. Seeing the basket of prizes did seem to motivate more students to step up their blogging game with one week to go!

If you need any details about the Classroom SOLSC or reminders about who to contact for assistance, please click here.





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