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ICYMI: School Leadership Blog Series on #TWTBlog

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Over the past week we’ve had the honor of hosting  posts from school leaders including principals, superintendents, curriculum coordinators, supervisors, and directors. Their posts brought a different perspective to our community here at Two Writing Teachers and we thank them for that.

Here’s what you may have missed:

Sunday, April 17: Jen Schwanke, principal in Dublin, Ohio shared her post, What’s it Really Like to be a Writing Teacher. She encourages every school leader to learn a bit from writing teachers.

Monday, April 18: Michael Berry, principal in Richmond, Vermont wrote I Wrote ThisHe shared a snapshot of how he models his own writing life with teachers and scholars in his school.

Tuesday, April 19: Dr. John C. Marschhausen, Superintendent of the Hilliard City School District in Columbus, Ohio shared Personal Passion Creates Magic, highlighting the importance of writing and passion in education.

Wednesday, April 20: Abi Wilson, Director of Instruction at The Learning Community, a public charter school in Central Falls, Rhode Island shared advice for test preparation in her post, Thoughtful Teaching of Test Writing as A Genre.

Thursday, April 21: Dr. Aileen P. Hower, K-12 Literacy/ESL Supervisor for South Western School District in Hanover, Pennsylvania posted Integrating Technology into Writing Workshop, a post packed full of tech tools she recommends.

Friday, April 22: To wrap up our series, Jennifer Botzojorns, Assistant Superintendent and Curriculum Director at Mount Mansfield Modified Union School District in northern Vermont, shared how turkeys are a model for learning, in her post Turkeys and the Teaching of Writing. 






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  1. I’ve really enjoyed reading these posts regarding leadership. It is encouraging to know there are truly dedicated leaders who actually “get it” when it comes to students and learning and all that goes into the process! Thank you for this series.


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