Slice of Life Story Challenge

Slice of Life Tuesday

SOLIt’s that time of the week again.

If you haven’t already done so, then it’s time to write your slice of life story! Once it’s written, please share it with our community of writers by leaving the permalink to your blog post in the comments section of this post. Finally, give comments to at least three other Slicers today.

And, of course, a little writerly inspiration:

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Created with InstaQuote.

63 thoughts on “Slice of Life Tuesday

    1. Love this post! Because even though I’m a ‘seasoned’ teacher (LOL) who has recently sort of retired, I always loved those silly plan books. Writing helped me think, thinking helped me remember…and going back to the physical landscape and marking it up, drawing arrows or sticky-noting was just something I loved and will miss! If you looked in my plan books from year to year, the thing I’m most proud of was that I never worked off the old book from the previous year.


  1. The quote today is awesome…sharing our soul… That’s why it’s so important that one feels non-threatened by the audience …

    More on Scotland….


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