Classroom Slice of Life Story Challenge: Day 11 of 31

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Welcome to Day 11!

Where I  live (northern New Jersey), it has snowed and snowed and snowed this winter.  Not everyone has enjoyed shoveling all the snow that has come our way, but my students have found that writing a slice of life about fun in the snow is enjoyable.  Here’s are two very different examples to inspire you to write a “fun in the snow” slice all your own:

What if they’ll spin me too hard and I’ll  fall off and hurt myself? What if they spin me too hard and I’ll get too dizzy so that I won’t be able to stand back up?  I was going tubing on Big Bear Mountain in Pocono with my friends. And I was excited but a bit worried at the same time.

As I sat down into a red single tube a man took the rope and tugged at it making sure it was not loose then he turned and asked me, “Do you want to be spun around?”

“OK?’ I said very unsurely. A shiver went up my back and I grabbed the gray handles on the tube and held on. The man spun me around 3 times and then let go of the rope. I  flew down the hill like a bird soaring through a forest covered in snow. I spun and spun; the wind whipped my face and finally the tube calmly slowed to a stop. I jumped up and ran to join my friends, excited to  tell them how much I enjoyed the ride, and as I met up with them at the top of the hill we all blurted out the same sentence at the same time: “Let’s go again!”


My family and some friends were skiing on Belleayre Mountain. For the first time since we got there, I saw what I thought was a small side trail that would end in a small jump. As the wind whipped my face, I decided to go and do my first mini-jump of the day. I got into the little side path and realized that it was not that small after all. It extended quite a way, following the main trail for approximately 20 feet.

I sped down the path, not noticing that the jump at the end was very steep, and much larger than I had expected. I hit the jump at high speeds, completely unprepared to go flying into the air. In a second, I went from on the trail to in the air. I felt the whip of the cold, harsh wind lash at my face as I twisted my body to cushion my fall. As I hit the ground, a searing pain went through parts of my body and a small moan escaped my mouth.

“What happened?” I heard my mom yell from the main trail, and I heard her speeding toward me as all I could do was lay down. My hands were stuck in the straps where I held my poles, and I was extremely worried that I might have severely hurt something.

“Get the poles off,” I managed to grunt, lying on the ground in an odd position. By then, everyone that had gone skiing with me was at my side, worried. I slowly got up, trying to reassure them, even though I wasn’t sure whether or not I was ok myself. After a little while, the pain subsided, and I went back to skiing, but much more carefully and cautious not to have another bad fall.

Katie Muhtaris has created this amazing Googledoc as a resource for classroom slicers to have a place to collect information and share some ideas/resources  for our classes: .  Check this out and feel free to add ideas! Thank you, Katie!

Happy Slicing!

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