Classroom Slice of Life Story Challenge: Day 6 of 31

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Welcome to Day 6 Classroom Slicers! 

In his memoir, the writer Haruki Murakami claims,  “Most of what I know about writing fiction I learned by running every day.”

Writing is certainly a test of endurance and will, just like running. Getting better at it requires frequent practice. But getting better at it also requires acceptance, understanding, and patience. As I runner, there are days when I just don’t have the energy to get out there. I know when to push myself and when to give myself the day off. If I skip a day, I know I can get right back on track the next day. If I berate myself for skipping the day, I am much more likely to want to give up my running practice altogether.

In the month of March, we challenge our students to write every single day. This is no small feat. Some might not be at a place in their writing lives where this is a reasonable challenge. Of course, the SOLSC isn’t about struggle or pushing kids to do things they are not ready to do. Instead, it is about celebrating those who extend themselves just beyond what they were doing before, who use the challenge as a chance to grow just a bit more as writers.

, a fifth-grade teacher and blogger at Read, Write, Reflect, has a system for honoring all of her students’ efforts, even if they don’t write daily.

The levels of Katherine’s system:

Level One – the “Slicers”
These kiddos are slicing every school day – either at school or at home for their ten minutes of writing.
Level Two – Piece of Cake
These kids are completing level one and slicing each school day, but also committing to slice over our spring break. The reward for going above and beyond during a time you might be lounging at the beach? A piece of cake upon your return. J
Level Three – Super Slicers
Behold, the holy grail of our challenge. These kids are joining me in slicing all thirty-one days in March – school days, weekends, spring break. The reward for this is top secret.
You can read her entire post here.
Even if some of your students don’t write every single day in March (and even if we don’t write every single day in March), let’s still honor each other’s efforts. Doing some writing is certainly better than doing none.
Happy Slicing!