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WRITE a slice of life story on your own blog.
SHARE a link to your post in the comments section.
GIVE comments to at least three other SOLS bloggers.

We are so glad that you can join our writing community to share a slice of your life…

…even though the holiday season makes our lives busier than ever

…even though our to-do lists seem endless and impossible

…even though Winter Break has begun (for many of us) and we need a change of pace

…we gather together, as we do every Tuesday,  to share our slices and celebrate our writing lives.

41 thoughts on “WRITE, SHARE, GIVE: IT’S SOL TIME!

  1. I am so pleased that I made the deadline for this post. Life is hectic what with my microwave breaking down, servicemen in my house for days, preparing for the holidays, and putting the finishing touches on the Finding Fall Gallery that will be offered as my Christmas gift. Tonight’s post is about my excitement over Santa’s ride through the streets of my neighborhood. (if you want to read my humorous letter to Santa you can find that at Happy Holidays!


  2. Becoming an independent reader. During a recent #bproots chat on the article, Seven Ways Schools Kill the Love of Reading in Kids – and 4 Principles to Help Restore It, @professornana suggested that we might blog about this important topic.


  3. We had an amusing moment when a student sent me some writing via email to print out … echoes of Spinal Tap and the Stonehenge Scene …
    PS — In case you all didn’t see it, I wrote at the Middleweb site about how a recent Slice of Life piece — and most importantly, the comments of others — really helped me see through a difficult situation in my class (well, it’s still unfolding but I have a clearer vision now). Thank you, everyone!


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