Day 17 of the March SOLSC! #sol14

WRITE. Every day in March write a slice of life story on your own blog. SHARE. Link your post in the comments on each daily call for slice of life stories here at TWT. GIVE. Comment on at least three other slice of life stories/blogs.

WRITE a slice of life story on your own blog.
SHARE a link to your post in the comments section.
GIVE comments to at least three other SOLSC bloggers.

Now that we’ve been together daily for a little over two weeks, I decided to move the “Be Inspired” section of my daily posts up to the top. If you don’t see a notice about new information being contained in the “Essential Information” section, then please know it will be the same as the previous days.


Kathleen Gillis (@Gilkatgil) expected to have a quiet dinner with her husband when they went out for the anniversary last weekend. Unfortunately, she found herself in a less than ideal spot when they arrived at their table. “Behind the Curtain” is a small moment in time packed with rich details. You’ll feel like you’re sitting at the next table over (even if you don’t want to be) when you read Kathleen’s writing.

If something doesn’t go as you planned it in the next few days, I hope you’ll look at Kathleen’s slice for a little inspiration before you sit down to craft your own slice of life story. (And hopefully, like her story, yours will have a satisfying ending.)


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