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Write, Share, Give: SOLS Time


Now is the time to encourage your peers to start a blog. March is just around the corner and we know that tapping into the writer inside of us is a great way to grow as a teacher and learner. Won’t you share this passion with those around you? Choose one person. Share your blog with them. I know some of you out there are “closet bloggers.” Maybe even your family doesn’t know your secret. However, just as we know blogging pushes us as writers, sharing is just as important. Inspire someone to do the same and share. Writing is a way to bond. Many have lived and learned this through Slice of Life and pulling people on board with you grows the community and bonds you closer to those colleagues who might be reluctant. I recently pushed a fellow colleague to start a blog. She was excited but reluctant. She started though and that is the first step. Just do it! I would encourage you to bring one friend along for the ride when the Slice of Life Story Challenge in March begins. Growing our community of writers is a great way to connect and show new slicers/bloggers what it can be like to be part of something bigger than their little slice of the world.

Remember to read and comment on at least three slicers today! We also have many new slicers. Please think about leaving them a comment as they join our community.


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  1. This is my first SOL and it’s also my OLW…all combined into one little post…it’s also my first blog post, so I don’t really know what I’m doing. I’m not sure if I’m linking this correctly…


  2. As the caregiver for my elderly aunt and mom, I spend a lot of time arranging medical and financial needs. I am very grateful for Peapod and this is my SOL in gratitude for them giving me a few more hours in each week! Without them, I might not have time to Slice!
    sliceoflife2014 Home Delivery: It’s Back!


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