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Slicing in the Classroom All Year Long

photo(3)The week of June 10th was hectic around here.  I had a sleuth of appointments, was doing major revisions to the keynote I’m delivering this Thursday, and was getting ready to visit family in Connecticut.  Therefore, I missed Tara Smith’s post about her sixth grade students’ final slice of the school year.  All 50 of her students wrote slice of life stories every week on blogs for the entire school year!  She taught them how to comment on each other’s writing and commented on every student’s piece of writing as well.  Tara’s post includes two of her students’ reflections about the year-long slicing experience.  Their reflections are inspiring.  One can really see how they flourished as writers, in a community of writers, thanks to the challenge Tara gave them.

If you aren’t familiar with Tara’s blog, A Teaching Life, then hop over there by clicking here. Tara will be guest blogging here at TWT in August where she’ll share information about how she implements the Slice of Life Story Challenge with her students.  Hopefully her guest post will inspire you to challenge your students in a similar way this fall.  Until then, you can follow her on Twitter.

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  1. Bravo my Friend! I loved your post and thanks Stacey for showcasing Tara’s powerful work of Slicing with her students. Can you imagine if we all we were able to begin our Slicing lives in Tara’s 6th grade class?


  2. I’m excited to hear you Keynote with Ruth on Thursday. I’m gearing up for my presentations that I have for this week which includes digital writing and skyping authors. My hope is to see both break-out presentations you are both doing as well.


    • It’ll be great to see you again, Erik.
      I have a whole section devoted to slice of life writing in my keynote.
      Your presentations sound great. Hope to take a look at your ppts. Will they be on the PSU-York Summer Institute website?


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