Gratitude List

Oops…I was supposed to post this yesterday. Oh well, here we go…


  1. Dirty Dishes. I cook for my family. We eat together. Again and again. So I smile as I wash and remember not everyone has the abundance of food as we do.
  2. Muddy Floor. My kids play outside, and they run inside, not pausing to take off their shoes, because they are so excited to show this treasure of that insect or give me a flower and a kiss.
  3. Heaps of Laundry. We have closets full of clothes and are healthy enough to wear work clothes and exercise clothes and play clothes and basketball clothes and swim suits and winter coats and gloves and hats. Plus I get to wash, dry, and fold them in my house instead of a laundry mat.
  4. Paper Piles. We go to school and write books and get mail and cards and packages. We have schedules and field trip forms and book orders. We write notes to one another. I’m fortunate this pile gets cleared every few days.
  5. Bills. We have electricity and heat. We have money to pay them.

Sometimes the things I complain about the most are really my biggest blessings.