Please help a teacher whose classroom was impacted by Hurricane Sandy.

DonorsChoose has created a page on their website where citizen philanthropists, like YOU, can go to fund a project for a teacher whose school was impacted by Hurricane Sandy.  As you may know, numerous schools along the Jersey Shore, New York City, and Connecticut are coping with power outages and flooding as a result of the storm.  Please consider making a contribution of $10 or more to support a classroom in need.  Go to sandy and either scroll through a list of projects or simply look for the words “Help a classroom in support of Help Schools Impacted by Hurricane Sandy” to make a quick donation to a classroom in one of the impacted areas.

Furthermore, if you know a teacher whose classroom was impacted by the storm, encourage him/her to write a proposal for whatever it is they need (e.g., basic supplies, a new rug, books) for their classroom on DonorsChoose.

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UPDATED on Sunday, 11/4/12 @ 9:50 p.m.:  My contact at DonorsChoose informed me that several teachers have already written hurricane relief proposals.  Some have already been funded, while others still need help.  I’m sure many more will follow so if you click on a project below that’s been completed do go to sandy to search for more classrooms that are in need of immediate assistance.

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  1. Thanks Stacey,
    I have encouraged our “Girls on the Run” group to fund raise for the principal you wrote about on Tuesday slice. I really like that the girls could go online and choose items for the children. They were so excited to help out! Thanks again!


  2. LOVE this idea Stacy, thanks! As someone whose school has been out for almost week due to Hurricane Sandy, I am going to have my Kindergartners do something for others who were less fortunate than us. Our school was not harmed, our homes may have been, our homes may have lost power, but thankfully we have one constant, our school. Normalcy is something we will return to tomorrow. As my family and I have watched the news and stressed over where to buy gas to get back to work we are truly grateful that we will be able to return to work tomorrow. My heart aches for those who do not have this option. Giving us something to help others will be a wonderful way for us to pick up the pieces. Thanks again!


  3. Done! This would be a wonderful service project for my National Junior Honors Society as well….when we get back to school ( maybe by Wednesday ths week). Thanks, Stacey.


  4. I would love to make this a service project for my students. I teach kindergarten and would love to reach out to other kindergarten classes.


    1. @Diane: I created a service learning project on DonorsChoose (for my fifth grade class) back in 2005. Perhaps you might want to write up a proposal to help another Kindergarten class on DonorsChoose. In case you’re interested, here’s the text of my proposal that got funded back in 2005. I believe we sent $800+ of school supplies to a classroom that was relocated from New Orleans to Houston. The kids packed up the supplies that were purchased through DonorsChoose and reshipped them, along with well-wisher cards, to Houston. At the end of the school year, when I asked my students what their favorite part of the year was, about 20% of them said that the Katrina project was their favorite learning experience because it allowed them to help other kids.

      Here’s my old proposal:

      Hurricane Katrina: Help Kids Start School With Dignity

      As a New Yorker who lived through September 11th, my heart ached for the children who were in the schools surrounding the World Trade Center. I couldn’t imagine what they must have seen that day. It was horrific to watch as an adult… I cannot imagine the fear that the children saw as they watched the towers come down.

      As I watch CNN and MSNBC, I see the faces of the children who have been displaced from their homes. As a fifth grade teacher my heart simply aches. Basic human needs are barely being accommodated. To that end, the future of the hurricane-ravaged areas in Mississippi and Louisiana is unknowable. What is known is that all of these displaced children will need to start school again… and soon!

      Clearly, the excitement elementary school children feel for buying school supplies is completely gone. However, children will have to return to school again, even if it’s not the school that they know. That will obviously bring about many emotions for children who have lost everything else.

      However, I realized there is something you and I can do… We can help to bring some normalcy and routine back into children’s lives. We can provide them with NEW AND CLEAN school supplies so they may begin the school year with dignity. (Please note: I’ve selected supplies that reflect the supply list I will give to my students.)

      The 25 fifth grade students that are coming into my class next week are sweet, caring children. I know they will want to do something to help the victims of Hurricane Katrina… but what can kids in East Harlem do? Well, if you fund this proposal, then we will dedicate time in our Writer’s Workshop practicing letter writing skills by writing letters of encouragement to the schoolchildren affected by this disaster. Further, we will create several art projects so that they will even have items to hang up on the bulletin boards in their classroom.

      Please help my fifth graders help other kids their age by funding this proposal. Thank you, in advance, for your generosity and kindness.


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