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The Weekly Slice of Life Story Challenge

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49 thoughts on “The Weekly Slice of Life Story Challenge

  1. I don’t have a post to share, so I am going to write my slice right here (hope that’s OK).
    This morning, as I was reading my pre-newspaper news (ie, RSS feeds), I saw a post from Wired that the writer of one of the book series that really formulated my childhood reading experiences (Donald Sobol, who wrote Encylopedia Brown) has died.
    It’s been years since I really thought about the boy detective who charged a nickel or quarter to solve cases with logic and adventure, and my own sons have had little interest in the books (I tried). But I remember reading Encyclopedia Brown books for an entire summer as a kid, and then re-reading them again and again for the next few years. I loved the clues, and the stories, and the depiction of childhood. I related to it all on a variety of levels, so it is sad to see Sobol is gone (but it seems like he was still writing until the end, which is inspiring in its own way)
    But I do wonder if my own boys (and students) will have a similar immersive reading experience in their lives. An anchor to draw upon as adults. I worry about it. Although I am a supporter of technology, I often hesitate about teaching technology when I wonder about the impact of screens on the experience of young readers. (Did you read the Newsweek cover story last week?) What richness are they missing from books or are replacing with devices? Will that experience last through time?
    Encyclopedia Brown still travels with me, even to this day. The beauty of books is that while Sobol has passed on, the boy detective continues to live in my head and heart.


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