The Weekly SOLSC Is Back!

It’s Tuesday and it’s April.  That means you’ve had two days to catch your breath if you were part of the 5th Annual Slice of Life Story Challenge!  I hope you’ll join us this Tuesday, and every Tuesday year-round (your schedule permitting, of course), for our weekly Slice of Life Story Challenge.

There are no prizes or commenting minimums for our weekly challenge.  All you have to do is leave the unique URL to the Slice of Life Story you write today as a comment on each weekly post.  However, may I suggest that you continue to visit other blogs (and come back tomorrow if you’re posting early in the day today) to read some of the slices that other slicers leave later in the day.

AND, if you need a little push to keep writing, then please read this poem that Amy Rudd wrote late last month about the SOLSC.

The Important Slice

The Important Slice about the Slice of Life Challenge

(copy change based on the book, The Important Book by Margaret Wise Brown)

The important thing about slicing is
That you are inspired to write! It’s good for you!
Slices make you think, feel and reflect on different things.
They can affect you personally.
But the important thing is that you write inspirationally every day.

The important thing about a slice is
That they can have deeply-rooted personal connections.
They are from the heart, genuine-not contrived.
The audience of readers appreciate how you set the scene of your slice
But the important thing about the slice is that it is personal.

The important thing about slicing is the community coming together.
You slice with a community of writers, thinkers and learners.
You offer supportive comments whenever possible, push for clarity if needed,
you ask more questions, you wonder!
You take a genuine interest in the stories of your fellow writers.
But the important thing is you’re with the writing community.

The important thing about slices is that they come from all sorts of places.
Whether you’re writing about the weather, soup, book spines, fears, phoetree, library trips,
Buddy Love, worms, books with personality, flowers
sand days, cleaning ladies, cigar box treasures or cars,
you’re writing from what you know.
But the important thing is that these stories
come from many different places.

The important thing about slicing is that you are inspired to write everyday
Some notes, a list, a story and even a word or two,
can be what you write because
The important thing is,
it’s good for you!!

–Amy Rudd

Many thanks to Amy for granting me permission to repost her poem in this forum.

Happy Slicing!