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Literacy Consultant. Author. Former 4th and 5th Grade Classroom Teacher.

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  1. Like Stacey I was having trouble commenting on Blogger too – bummer since we’ve had snow and I wanted to catch up on everyone’s writing! I was wondering if a limit had been set on comments – I know I could set one on WordPress if I wanted to.
    Anyway – I can’t remember all the things I wanted to say to writers – but I’ve been enjoying everyone’s entries!
    Here’s mine for today:


  2. Apparently I’m having a problem posting to all Blogger accounts. So, if you’re on Blogger and I’ve read your post, then I’ll email you if I have your email address (e.g., Linda Baie, I’m sending you my comment via email right now). It would be ridiculous for me to post comments to everyone here.

    Don’t know why I was able to post comments on people’s Blogger posts this morning, but cannot now. Hmmmm. If you have an idea, then please lmk. (I’ve tried logging out of my account and logging back in again, as well as clearing the history of my browser.)


  3. @DebDay: I’ve tried posting the following comment on your blog four times, but it won’t go through. Therefore, I decided to post it here. (Two other people have already commented, so for some reason I think it’s just a Stacey issue.)

    I tried to post:
    “Oh the joy (and often the stress) of these types of evaluations. I was just talking with a teacher yesterday about coming in to work with their teachers next year, which will be when they go through a big 10 year evaluation. Thankfully, she saw it as a chance to improve their school. I like that mindset.

    Writing “silly things” to cope with things like you’re going through is the perfect medicine, isn’t it?”


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