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5 thoughts on “Words that are Speaking to Me Leave a comment

  1. I also struggle with the amount of time it takes to thoughtfully and productively participate in the educational dialogue. I’m trying to blog weekly. I guess I’m still looking for the best way to get in touch with an audience to make an impact.


  2. This is why I blog, so I can keep the conversation going. It is why as a National Writing Project Fellow I write to my representatives repeatedly touting the good work of teachers. It is why when teachers in our own ranks focus on the negative, not the positive in the staff room or the school board meetings that I gently or not so gently remind them of the true goals of our profession. Thanks for the reminder.


  3. Ah, this is the daily struggle. How do I speak up productively? It takes tremendous energy, loads of determination, unwavering confidence, and deep understanding to be heard in the face of systemic policy. However, it is necessary. I am lucky enough to work with a group of teachers willing to do the work it takes to get the job done. I just never feel we are doing enough to stop the freight train of worst practice.

    Alfie Kohn is the roots of my educational philosophy. Thank you for sharing his words today. It is good to be reminded. It is good to be nudged in the right direction.


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