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Getting the Room Ready

My former classroom's welcome sign

I miss having a classroom of my own at this time of the year.  There’s something about putting up fadeless paper and borders, getting supplies ready, preparing the meeting area, and labeling books with students’ names that I truly miss.  Even though I’m fortunate to be working with a group of K-5 teachers this-coming week, I’ll be helping them plan their read aloud curriculum, not doing classroom design.  While my back will be in better shape as a result of not having a classroom to set up, my heart will still miss it.

Last week, Choice Literacy’s Big Fresh was devoted to classroom design.  (Click here if you missed it.)  I learned about Izzy Share, a free website that allows teachers to show off their classroom designs.  You can search Izzy Share’s classroom photos by grade level or by theme.  If you’re not looking for a classroom design, per se, and you just want a more inviting door or fresh classroom library ideas, you can search for that too.  This site is just as useful for the newbie as it is for teachers who are old pros at setting up classrooms.

To that end, if you need more assistance designing your classroom for the new school year, be sure to check out Debbie Diller’s Spaces and Places: Designing Classrooms for LiteracyI blogged about the ways I used her book a couple of years ago when I reorganized my classroom mid-year.  Diller’s ideas are exceedingly helpful, as are the photos that are included in the book.  If your classroom needs a fresh start, then pick up this book before you head back to school!

4 thoughts on “Getting the Room Ready

  1. I honestly did not konw that there were books about classroom design! But you’d be happy to know that I am setting up my room this year with Writer’s Workshop in mind. With an average of 27 kids per class, it’s not easy, but I’m committed!


  2. I love setting up my classroom. It’s one of my favorite things even if it does take away some of my summer days. Monday I am finally allowed to go in to my room. I’m planning on changing the set-up this year, so it’s going to take a while. I posted pics of my room organization on my blog last year and plan to take pics of the entire process and finished product again this year to blog about. I love seeing other people’s rooms, so it’s only fair I post mine.


  3. I too miss my classroom & designing things that are different in order to surprise students that are familiar with it. I put things up by the door to my office and use a bulletin board for all things literacy also near my office. Fun to do, but it isn’t the same! A classroom at school had a terrible accident last week & the sprinklers came on & destroyed quite a bit, so I’ll be helping that teacher set up her room again next week. It is sad, but will be nice to work together for her sake (and sanity). The students come on Wed.!


  4. I can’t wait to get into my classroom and get started with all the organization. Unfortunately, we’re still in the midst of construction and my room is completely ripped apart opening day is September 6th., how will we ever be ready?!


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