Building Community Through the Slice of Life Story Challenge

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It’s always a pleasure to meet other Slicers in person.  On July 1st, I had coffee with two other slicers, one of whom (Kelly) I met last year at the Writing Institute and one of whom I had the pleasure of meeting (Tisha)  this year.  (Do check out her new blog, Middle Minds.)

When I meet other Slicers, it’s as if we’ve known each other for years.  In a way we have since sharing writing and commenting builds community.  However, meeting in person for the first time is always special.   The three of us had coffee on the morning of July 1st.  We may live miles apart — I’m in Pennsylvania, Kelly lives in Michigan, and Tisha has been in Panama for the past few years — but because we’re part of a community of writers we had so much to talk about.  Here’s a picture of us in New York:

L-R: Kelly, Me, and Tisha

Have you met any other Slicers in person?  Please share if you have!