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Today’s Teaching Points

What were your teaching points in today’s minilessons? Here were mine:

4th grade feature article (informational writing) unit:

Writers use specific words about the subject when writing informational texts.

4th grade fiction unit:

Writers can use the setting to help show the mood of the characters.

Leave a comment to share your teaching point from today’s minilesson.



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9 thoughts on “Today’s Teaching Points Leave a comment

  1. I am WAY late joining in, but our recent focus has been:
    Illustrators use details to help readers understand.

    Under that umbrella, we’ve tried out several techniques, most for 2 days at at time. A biggie for the kids was setting details and being deliberate about zeroing in on the action (narrative) or the facts (informational).


  2. 2nd grade: Reflected with a 2nd grade teacher on her students’ narrative prompts. Focus lesson: what’s the most important part of the day and stretching that scene.


  3. Mine was more of a reminder today for them to be thinking about our previous discussions about trying to catch and maintain the readers’ interest as they drafted. We talked about three strategies for leads from a Nancie Atwell resource: dialogue, action, or reaction.


  4. Ruth,

    I would love some references or a guide to informational article writing. Can you direct me to something that would help get us started with article writing?

    Thank You


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