Bilingual Christmas Story + A Giveaway

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I’ve been looking for a good story about Christmas to share for quite a few weeks.  Most of the books I’ve received were either too religious for use in public school classrooms or didn’t seem like they’d inspire students.  But then, I received a review copy of Xavier Garza’s Charro Claus and the Tejas Kid from Cinco Puntos Press.  I was immediately impressed since it’s about Christmas and Santa’s Mexican cousin.  Plus, it’s a bilingual text, which means it’s accessible to both English and Spanish-speaking students.

Here’s an overview of the book, which was retrieved from the Cinco Puntos‘  website:

Let’s welcome Santa’s newest helper: his cousin Pancho, a farmer living down in South Texas who is so smart he speaks Spanish and English. Back in the day, Pancho was a mariachi singer with a whole lot of style and a fancy sombrero. But as the years passed, Pancho got, well, a little older and a little wider all around. Then one night his primo Santa Claus showed up. Santa needed some help! Pancho volunteered. And then, poof, Santa transformed Pancho into the resplendent Charro Claus with his incredibly Flying Burritos. And Charro Claus, it turns out, even had his own surprise elf—his nephew Vincente!

All Christmas Eve, Vincente and Pancho deliver toys to the boys and girls on the border. Neither rain, cloudy skies, wire fences nor concrete walls keep them from covering every inch of their newly assigned territory. And they don’t forget a single town or city. How could they? The border is their home.

Charro Claus and the Tejas Kid can serve as a mentor text for students who wish to write a Christmas related story in English or in Spanish since the book contains the text written in both languages on each page.  Examples follow below.

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An in-depth author’s note in this book can be used at any time of year to help your students write more poignant author’s notes in the books they publish.  (See below.)

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