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Ruth’s SOLS: Away.

This afternoon Stacey said to me, “You don’t know what to do with yourself, do you?”

She was right, I had no clue. Afternoons are the busiest part of my day. When I walk in my door at 4:30 I am completely consumed with family life. The afternoons with Stacey have been quiet and relaxing. I’m thankful to see her in person. But, today’s slice is the moments I’ve missed:

  1. Tight hugs when I walk in the door, even before I can take my bag off of my shoulder.
  2. The giggles from a silly joke.
  3. The sound of tractors, dump trucks, and monster trucks racing through the kitchen.
  4. My children’s prayers.
  5. Snuggling on the couch and reading books.
  6. Cooking dinner while checking homework, dressing a doll, hearing about the day, looking through take-home-bring-back folders and watching domino runs.
  7. Making chocolate milk.
  8. Those early morning hugs and I-love-yous.
  9. Sitting on my couch, writing before the day begins, drinking a perfect cup of tea.
  10. The glances across the table from my husband.
  11. And, although this is shocking, I’ve even missed the laundry and the dishes. They remind me how blessed I am to have an active, healthy family.

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5 thoughts on “Ruth’s SOLS: Away. Leave a comment

  1. Hey hey… I know you didn’t get any hugs on Tuesday afternoon from me, but there were plenty of jokes & giggles!

    But seriously, it was great to see you. Enjoy being back at home with the kids for Fall Break.


  2. I’m at the other end of this trajectory – the house is still when I get home, since my children are off doing their high school/college/job thing. But…I still hear their voices, still feel their presence, still remember those days of snuggling up on the sofa and enjoying hot chocolate and a stack of fabulous picture books. Sometimes I miss those days…and sometimes I just feel an everlasting gratitude that I was lucky enough to have experienced Ruth’s 1 to 11 list of a mom’s life!


  3. Soon Stacey will hear the same thing: “You don’t know what to do with yourself!” Free time can be precious with little ones, but I’d much much rather have my sweet boy around with all the sweet little boy noises and activities.


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