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Book Suggestions for Kids Who Are New to School

My neighbor’s son is starting Kindergarten this month.  Even though I’ve only known him for a little over a year, I’m delighted for him since this is an exciting time in a young child’s life.  Two books recently crossed my desk that I’ve thought worthy of sharing with him before he starts Kindergarten.  If you know a soon-to-be Kindergartener too, I wanted to pass two new book titles along so you can share these books with him/her.

  1. Rules for School written by Alec Greven and illustrated by Kei Acdera:  A Colorado fourth grader’s guide to navigating school.  Greven’s voice comes shining through as he shares some advice every child should know if they want the school year to go well.  For instance, the book starts off by telling readers to let go of summer and switch to “school time” three days prior to the start of school so the transition isn’t as much of a shock to the system.  He reminds readers to make smart choices about where to sit (not next to friends because it’s too tempting to talk) encourages kids to “run the ants out” of their pants during recess.  This text offers advice in a friend-like manner without sounding too preachy.
  2. This School Year Will Be the BEST written by Kay Winters and illustrated by Renee Andriana:  This adorable book is the tale of a a class who has circle time first-thing in the morning.  The teacher asks them, “What do you hope will happen this year?”  Some of the kids have outlandish ideas, while others share hopes and dreams like winning the science fair, making new friends, and getting a perfect report card.  The story ends with the teacher sharing her wish for the new school year with her students.  It’s a true feel-good about school kind of book, perfect for any child who is either jittery about the new school year or might need some help envisioning his/her hopes or dreams for the year that lies ahead.

Review copies of Rules for School and This School Year Will Be the BEST were provided by HarperCollins Publishers and Penguin Young Readers Group, respectively.

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