Snow Day Poetry Activity

Our mailbox is almost completely buried in snow. Unfortunately, weather reports are calling for at least three more hours of snow today.

Schools from Indiana to Pennsylvania (and beyond) are closed today.  While I’m spending time working on the book we’re writing, I’ve also spent close to a half hour on Facebook.  As a result, I’ve noticed a lot of people are feeling trapped indoors with their kids because the wind gusts are pretty strong.  Sledding doesn’t seem like a viable option, at least not here in Midstate PA right now, since it’s windy and the snow is extremely deep.  As a result, I started thinking about snow, kids, and poetry.  The combination of the three seem to go together.  If you have children at home who are crawling the walls right now, why not spend some time doing some close observations of the falling flakes?

Here’s an activity sheet you can use to help them with their observations:

NOTE:  If you’d like to make adjustments to this sheet (e.g., you don’t want your kiddos to go outside and feel the snow), then click here to download it.

Finally, before you have your child(ren) write their snow poem, encourage them to re-examine the words and phrases they collected about snow.  Have them make a larger list of describing words (adjectives) or descriptive phrases you might use to describe snow.  If you’d like, consider going online to read them a few poems about snow to inspire them.  Finally, start writing!