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New York Times Article about Reading Workshop

Mindy Hoffar, leader of the All-Write Consortium, sent this article to coaches.  The article opens a discussion of teaching according to the reading workshop philosophy versus the “canon” of assigned texts.  Although, perhaps the most interesting part is reading through a few of the comments at the end.

Take a few minutes to read “A New Assignment: Pick Books You Like” and then leave a comment here with some of your thoughts.  (I’m not going to taint your reading with my reflection quite yet!  However, I’ll be looking forward to the discussion in the comment section of this post.)

Happy reading!

3 thoughts on “New York Times Article about Reading Workshop

  1. I have always wanted to do the internship at Nancy Atwell’s School. I am very jealous. I’m a huge fan of Reader’s Workshop and I do believe that choice and voice are essential elements of growing life long readers and writers! For my fifth graders there is no novel that is so vital that we HAVE to all read it. That being said I do still do a few whole class sets during the year (maybe 2), but I primarily do book clubs. There is great value in students having shared reading experiences and discussion and I find that the book club format allows them choice and discussion. Of course, I also allow 30 minutes of independent reading every day and I read aloud to students every day, in fact usually multiple times a day. We have a novel and then I’ll use picture books or poetry for lessons.

    A new thing I’ve been working on is non-fiction literature circles and Inquiry Circles instead of “book projects.” Compelling stuff. Thanks for sharing this article!


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