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Ruth’s Memoior-ish Monday: Bridal Shower.

This weekend I went to a bridal shower and I was reminded of my own wedding preparations.  Isn’t it strange the way time plays with your mind? It seems like it was just a few months ago that I was the one opening presents, making final preparations, and counting down the days to be Mrs. Ayres.  And, yet, it was ten years ago. 

A lot can happen in ten years.  Three presidential elections.  A bachelor degree.  A masters degree.  Six cars.  One apartment.  Two houses.  Three kids. 

The woman next to me commented about being a young bride.  She said, You think you know who you are.  Then you get engaged and you try to do all these things to be the person you’re suppose to be.  Then you’re married for awhile and you find out the person you really are.

I’ve been thinking about those words.  I think she’s right.  And when the marriage is strong, really really strong, you end up being a better version of the person you thought you were before being engaged.  You find out you’re a better person than you ever could have been without your spouse.  You find out that two is better than one.  And you spend each day grateful for the delight of every day. 

At least I do.

3 thoughts on “Ruth’s Memoior-ish Monday: Bridal Shower.

  1. Hmm, I like that quote Ruth. I’m thinking about what happens with time in a relationship, what your partner really offers you…
    Hmmm…I agree with you.


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