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SOLSC: Day 1 of 31

The Second-Ever, Month-Long Slice of Life Story Challenge Begins HERE Today!
The Second-Ever, Month-Long Slice of Life Story Challenge Begins HERE Today!

Welcome to the first day of our month-long writing challenge!  Please link your Slice of Life Story to this post by leaving a comment (scroll to the bottom of this post) before 11:59 p.m. Eastern Time today.

For more information:

  • Click here to get information about implementing this Challenge in your classroom.

  • Click here to learn more about the giveaways.

  • Click here to download the SOLSC Buttons Ruth created.

  • Click here to read about the history of the SOLSC (just scroll down once you arrive at the Challenges Page).

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Literacy Consultant. Author. Former 4th and 5th Grade Classroom Teacher.

43 thoughts on “SOLSC: Day 1 of 31 Leave a comment

  1. I’m embracing much today, and with delight. A new month begins. All the little white boxes of the March calendar hang on the wall in front of me. Each one full of spring’s potential.

    A new challenge begins with this Slice of Life writing. I’m looking forward to this because it is a challenge and I will be pushed to write. I want to experience what my students must feel when the expectation to write sits in front of them.

    A new week begins tomorrow and it is a full five day week. No holidays or interruptions. What learning and growth will we accomplish in our little classroom community?

    Let’s begin.


  2. I eagerly embrace the opportunity offered by Stacey and Ruth in their Slice of Life Writng Challenge. I look forward to sharing and discovering as I undertake this writing journey through the month of March…
    And away we go!


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