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Gearing-Up for the Month-Long SOLSC

sols2The month-long Slice of Life Story Challenge is just a month away.  However, if you simply stopped by to submit the link to the Slice of Life Story you wrote for today, then Ruth and I have a little surprise for you.  One lucky participant in today’s Slice of Life Story Challenge will receive a little gift in the mail.  Yep, that’s right, we’ve found one Etsian a week, for the month of February, who has generously donated an item or two from their shop for Slice of Life Story Challenge Participants.  (We have about ten other folks, so far, who are participating in our month-long Slice of Life Story Challenge Prize Giveaway.  Details on that will come later this month.)  For now, as a writer, you have two jobs to do:

1.  Link your Slice of Life Story to this post by leaving a comment.

2.  Check back tomorrow to see which of today’s participants will be chosen (at random — we’re talking name picked out of a hat) to win the items below.  It could be you.

A California-based Calligrapher, Katy, donated these two items, which are just in time for Valentine’s Day.

  • Be Mine in ’09 Hand Lettered Envelope Seals (package of 25)

    • Perfect for sealing Valentines or other letters you write.
  • Ornate Love – Lucky Poker Chip Brooch
    • A little something to pin onto you.
Envelope Seals by KisforCalligraphy
Envelope Seals by KisforCalligraphy
Lucky Poker Chip Brooch by KisforCalligraphy
Lucky Poker Chip Brooch by KisforCalligraphy

To check out the rest of Katy’s amazing creations, click here.


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15 thoughts on “Gearing-Up for the Month-Long SOLSC Leave a comment

  1. That’s what we’re aiming to do anyone who writes for all 31 days in March. It’s hard though b/c we will never accept advertising here on TWT. We want control of our own content and don’t want it directed by anyone else, so… that means that we’re still working on it for March. I think I have 12 folks lined up for giveaways in March now.

    We shall see…


  2. I see you point Bonnie.

    Ruth and I both feel that the biggest gift this Challenge provides us is having a greater breath of pieces to use when working with our students since our lives are “out there.” That being said, we thought that some writerly giveaways might be a nice way to get folks through the grayness of the winter.



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