Big Picture Series: Fellow Travelers

Too often, there are isolated islands of teachers who are attempting best practice, yet feel no support from the teacher across the hall or even in the building.  We want to be the comforting colleagues at the end of the rough day or the people who rejoice with you when things go well.  Through this Big Picture Series we will renew, refresh, and re-energize ourselves as writing teachers.  Won’t you plan to join us in this week-long event designed to encourage reflective practice?

Each day you will be greeted with a quote, some thoughts, and a few ideas to ponder and reflect upon.  We encourage you to write your response and thoughts either on your blog or in a journal as a way to begin (or continue) reflective practice.  It is bit-by-bit that we become better educators and this begins with pondering our practice daily.

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts beginning tomorrow.