Reading Notes?

Using Discussion Forums and Chats I am able to gain insight into my students’ reading lives at an amazing rate.  I know which are lovers of books and which would rather stare at a page than read something they’re not interested in.  I’ve also learned these things about the group.

  1. ALL of them have said they will read at home IF the book is interesting; yet most admitted they rarely read at home.
  2. Several like reading, but feel they have read all of the good books and don’t know where to find more.

Already, within a week of the class beginning (this is a second trimester course), there have been discussions about books and they are sharing good titles with each other.  A couple have finished a book.  Others have barely started.  I’ve learned who likes fantasy, biography, love stories, graphic novels, and realistic fiction.  I know who doesn’t like girly-books and who loves mysteries. 

It is remarkable how much I know about them as readers (and writers, for that matter).  Now, however, I’m at a loss.  I’m not sure how I should track all of this knowledge.  That’s what I’ll be working on over the holiday break.  I’d love any insight that you’re willing to leave in the comments.  🙂  Thanks.