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Helping a Student Generate Non-Narrative WN Entries

One of my students seemed to be stuck as she sat in her writing focus spot today. She was supposed to be collecting entries and growing some thinking, but her pencil was barely moving. When I pulled alongside her, I realized that she needed some more structure. Hence, I created some crude graphic organizers to help her generate some writing for the next few nights. (See slide show below.) All of the graphic organizers, which I wrote with her permission in her Moleskine, are based-off of Calkins’ and Gilette’s “Strategies for Generating Non-Narrative Entries.”

Once I finished working alongside her to create and personalize each of these pages, she wanted to know “What’s next?” I told her we’d talk on Tuesday, at Parent-Teacher Conferences, to discuss which strategies worked for her and why and then we’d move on from there.

At the end of today’s Share Session, I wound up showing the entire class what we’d done, which led to many kids deciding to copy these graphic organizers into their own Moleskines so they could focus on non-narrative writing at home over the course of the next few nights. I have no idea how this little experiment will work out… will keep you posted.

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