We all have lots of small moments to write about!

I went through “My Pictures” Folder this morning and located a sleuth of photographs that capture some of the small, ordinary moments of my life during the past year. I put it into a wordless slide show (below). However, I think these photos are begging for words. There are stories that need to be told about each of these photographs!

Do you, too, have photos that are begging for some words to enhance them? If so, then please join us for Memoir Mondays and/or the Slice of Life Story Challenge, which we host here every Monday and Tuesday, respectively. (To learn more about the Challenges, just click here.) We hope you’ll join us starting tomorrow, regardless of your age, occupation, or previous participation in one of these Challenges. 🙂

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This is our motto (here at Two Writing Teachers).

This is our motto (here at Two Writing Teachers).