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Combo: 2 questionnaires meshed into one

Literacy Interview

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My colleague recently gave me a copy of a Reading Profile she uses with her students. Loved it! However, it left me realizing that the Writing Interview I’ve given my students in the past would be overkill since that would be two interviews they’d have to fill-out for me.

Hence, I meshed my writing interview and her reading profile together to create a streamlined Literacy Profile for my kiddies to fill-out during the first week of school. Not only is this now one document, but I think that the underlying message, to the students, will be that reading and writing go hand-in-hand.

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  1. Ironically, I just did the same thing! I was fixing up my reading and writing surveys and realized they were so similar, and too redundant for the beginning of the year. I didn’t call mine a literacy survey, but I think I may steal that title from you.



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