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Ruth’s SOLS: Giggles.

Tonight, while Andy cooked dinner and I continued my recovery, we sent the kids upstairs to play. The monitor was on and it was filling the entire downstairs with giggles. They were having so much fun and the continuous giggling was infectious. I found myself feeling better just listening to them.

They are so happy. And I’m reminded how blessed we really are. We are one good happy family and I am so thankful. I’m thankful to recognize it and I’m thankful to be content.

With the giggles fresh in our ears, during dinner, we allowed the forbidden Mumbo Jumbo to take over the conversation. The two youngest love to speak Mumbo Jumbo to one another and because of the repetitive nature (and tendency to annoy) it has been outlawed at the table. Not tonight though. Tonight we all spoke Mumbo Jumbo and had a wonderful, giggle-y time. It was so good to laugh — all of us, together.

I have a feeling one day, years from now, I will long for these summer days. I will long for a house filled with young children. I will long to hear all of their giggles in one room.

And this is why I scrapbook. This is why I blog. This is why I photograph. Because I want to remember. I want to be warmed by the love that bubbles out of my home everyday. I don’t want to forget.

Scrapbooking and blogging have become so much more to me. They are a way of life. A way to insure that I am truly living life. A way to reflect and remember and know that life is good.

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  1. You should write about this stuff in a book. I have been obsessively (I can admit it!) reading adoption books as we prepare for our adoption, and they are all about how the whole experience was a nightmare but “I would do it again because I love him so much!” Great. But I need to hear about some people whose life isn’t a nightmare after adoption. Thanks Ruth!!


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